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    Bloodline example.jpg

    Some dragons have a special set of upgrades exclusive to their species, called Bloodlines. Each Bloodline has 5 Tiers with different bonuses and requirements:

    • To unlock the 1st Tier, the dragon needs to have at least 2 stars ().
    • 2nd Tier unlocks with at least 3 stars ()
    • 3rd Tier unlocks with at least 4 stars ()
    • 4th and 5th Tiers unlock when the dragon has 5 stars ()

    Tiers can be only bought after they are unlocked. The cost is always 1 Bloodstone of the corresponding dragon species (for example, Genie Bloodstone). Bloodstones are exclusively obtained in the Prophet's Hut.

    !.png Some Bloodline bonuses can replace specific Skills with stronger, Awakened versions. In the details on dragon pages, all changes to Awakened Skills from the base ones are underscored and followed by a (+) symbol.

    Dragons with Bloodline[edit source]

    !.png You can see more details on the respective dragon pages (tab).

    Lasvig index.png
    Genie index.png
    Dark Star index.png
    Bright index.png
    Fores index.png
    Phantom index.png
    Salamander index.png
    Behemoth index.png
    Fenrir index.png
    Minotaur index.png
    Nymph index.png
    Illusion index.png
    Sickle index.png
    Prophet index.png
    Starry index.png
    Master Mo index.png
    Reaper index.png
    Bai Ze index.png
    Lucifer index.png
    Neptune index.png
    Thunder Wolf index.png
    Selene index.png
    Aegis index.png
    Vine index.png
    Sakura index.png
    Rune index.png
    Phoenix index.png
    Axetail index.png
    Twins index.png
    Hermes index.png
    Quartz index.png
    Black Iron index.png
    Chime index.png
    Emmanuel index.png
    Fox index.png
    Dowser index.png
    Ignis index.png
    Electrelk index.png
    Drych index.png
    Dracalchem index.png
    Ming She index.png
    Mauve index.png
    Mayfly index.png
    Night Storm index.png
    Ward index.png
    Sirius index.png
    Shade index.png

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