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    Breeding is the main way to obtain dragons. It begins after choosing a pair of dragons in a Breed Site or on a Dragon Tree. Then the Heart Plant inside needs to be clicked and players must wait, because it requires time to complete. Time ranges from 23 seconds (Raging Fire) to 26 hours (Axetail), and usually depends on the rarity and elements of the egg result.

    Some dragons can't be obtained by breeding at all. Please check a specific dragon page or Dragon Index in the game to see how you can obtain each dragon.

    Chaos and Void dragons cannot be obtained in regular breeding. If you need to know how to obtain Chaos dragons, check Chaos Temple page. Void dragons are exclusive to certain Events.

    Breed Site Dragon Tree

    Breeding requires a special building to happen. Every player has a first Breed Site on their island from the start of the game, and a Dragon Tree can be purchased with Gems after reaching level 8. Both buildings work exactly the same, but having the two allows for two breeding sessions to happen simultaneously. It costs 1000 , but after reaching level 8 its price is 800 for the duration of the special offer.

    Basics[edit source]

    choosing screen

    • Each parent needs to be at least level 4 to be able to breed. Legendary dragons cannot breed.
    • In the upper part of the screen possible egg results are shown. Eggs of already acquired dragons are shown in color. Unowned dragon eggs are darker.
    • The rarer the egg, the longer the breeding and hatching time will be.
    • Elements also have influence on how long the dragon takes to breed and hatch.
      Elements from the least to most breeding time added:

    For example, Nature element adds less time to breeding than Dark.
    The exact formula of calculating the time is unknown. Known fact is that hatching takes 2 times more time than breeding (with a few exceptions). Check exact dragon pages for their breeding and hatching times or check the Breed & Hatch Timetable

    • Dragons that are currently breeding are temporarily moved from their Habitats to the Breed Site (or Dragon Tree). This means that they won't collect Gold and they won't be available for some actions, like Sacrificing or Upgrading. However, dragons will be able to battle and they can be fed.

    completed breeding

    • To finish the breeding the heart above the building must be clicked. Dragon egg will then be moved to the Hatchery.
    • received after the egg hatches is (for almost all dragons) equal to 26 times the total amout of seconds of hatching time.
    For example, Blades Egg takes 1 minute to hatch. 26×60=1560, which is the amount of received after hatching Blades.

    Breeding Non-Legendary Dragons[edit source]

    breeding two common dragons

    • Common dragons can be obtained from breeding two dragons of any rarity. Both parents need to share the same element. For example to breed Blades, there have to be two dragons with Nature element.
    • Uncommon and Rare dragons can be obtained from breeding two dragons of any rarity. Both elements of the bred dragon need to be in the pool of elements from the parents. For example to breed Moth and Bombshell, there has to be at least one Nature and one Fire element.
    • Epic dragons can be obtained from breeding two Uncommon, Rare or Epic dragons. Both elements of the bred dragon need to be in the pool of elements from the parents. For example to breed Red-violet, there has to be at least one Nature and one Fire element and parents can't be of Common rarity.

    impossible combination

    Some pairs cannot be bred. This happens when the combination can have outcomes that doesn't correspond to an existing dragon. For example, in version v.1.0.10, Fluffy couldn't be bred with dragons that have elements other than Nature, Fire and Psychic, since Psychic dragons with other elements weren't introduced to the game yet.


    Raging Fire


    In this example two Common dragons are the parents, so there are only 2 elements in the element pool:

    • Since both parents are Common, Epic dragons cannot be a result.
    • Since there are no duplicate elements, Common dragons cannot be a result.

    This leaves only Uncommon and Rare dragons with the Fire and Water elements. There are only 2 dragons that fit the rarity and elements: Chimerus and Wyrm.



    This time there are 2 elements in the pool as well, but one of them is overlapping, which results in a Common dragon being one of the possible results.



    Because both of the parents are rarer than Common, Epic dragons can be a result of this breeding.

    Out of those element combinations, only 1 Epic dragon can be a result: Cernunnos.

    Only elements crossing between parents contribute to possible outcomes. Comet can't be a result of this breeding combination, because its elements (Metal and Earth) belong to only one parent.

    Breeding Legendary Dragons[edit source]

    successfull Legendary breeding

    Light and Dark elements are exclusive to Legendary dragons. To obtain them, certain rules need to be followed:

    • Legendary dragons can be obtained only by breeding two Epic dragons.
    • Both Epic dragons need to share exactly one element. Two shared elements won't work, regardless if the species are the same or different.
    • Shared element determines if the Legendary outcome will have a Light or Dark element.
    If it's Nature, Fire, Water, or Psychic, the result will be Dark.
    If it's Electric, Earth, or Metal, the result will be Light.
    • The non-shared elements of both Epic dragons determine which 2 Legendaries will be possible outcomes. Because of that, there are always two possible Legendary breeding outcomes being both Light or Dark. There is no way of having only 1 possible outcome or both Light and Dark Legendaries.

    Exact rate of getting a Legendary dragon is still unknown. Player experience suggests ~2%.

    Cernunnos Ammit

    Possible Legendary Results:

    Shared element is Nature, which means the possible Legendary outcomes have the Dark element.

    The non-shared elements are Metal and Earth, which narrow the possibilities to Asura and Kur.

    Fairy Velociraptor

    Possible Legendary Results:

    Example of a breeding combination for Light Legendary dragons.

    Ruby Sword

    Possible Legendary Results:

    Because the parents share both of their elements, there is no Legendary outcome.

    Breeding Events[edit source]

    event breeding combination

    Some Dragons can be obtained by breeding only during special Breeding Season or Breeding Returning events.

    Breeding events have a specific pair set that can result in the limited-time dragon. Only that pair, for the duration of the corresponding event, can result in that dragon.

    event dragon preview

    Event dragons aren't shown in the possible outcomes with other eggs. If the pair is correctly chosen, it should appear in a special frame below.

    An example of a limited-time dragon is Phantom (Named Bat Dragon back then). To obtain it by breeding, the parents needed to be Cernunnos and Ammit for the duration of the event.

    Event-only dragons usually are able to be obtained via Summoners Cave after the next update, which allows obtaining them after the event ends.

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