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    Use this board to contact us with any questions.

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    Xena (talkcontribs)

    This thread is meant for anyone who submits edits and wants to discuss them.

    I will also use it if I have anything to say about accepted edits.

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    First off: I added the Editing Manual page. I think you might be interested @LunartheDragon @Lyra

    It's still quite short and I will add formatting next. If there's anything you'd like to see in the manual or have any suggestions, feel free to let me know here!

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    @Lyra about your recent edits:

    • thanks for removing that second Ammit from Summoners Cave - I thought I removed it with my recent edit but had to forget.
    • Legendary Pass quests are not all correct still, we will have to update them all later. As you can see your edit got the notice for being informal, but it was useful! You can correct it if you want to at any time.
    Reply to "📝 Contributor Chat"
    Freakyliciousss (talkcontribs)

    I know the Event page is new, I am wondering when the May event is going to be added?

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    Hey there! The Events page is not new, but we haven't added new event pages in a while. It's because we don't have editors who write new pages, and I can't commit too much time to the wiki myself. This means that the page for the Mayday Event may come much later unfortunately, unless someone is willing to write it.

    I might add a stub that lists all recipes however. Do you think it's a good idea?

    Reply to "Event page"

    (Please use posts, not board description!)

    Summary by Xena

    No answer for 4 months: closing for clarity

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    Message someone posted as a board description:

    Hi, I would like to provide you with an article that will be a great addition to your website: unique, optimized, well-written, and free of charge.
    I would like to tell you more about it and answer all of your questions.
    Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Please use posts like this one to communicate, thank you! You can reply to this post to answer.

    Answer: Hello there! We're happy you want to help: what would you want to write an article about?

    Everyone can contribute to this wiki freely by adding or editing a page, and the Moderation system shows it to us to review before the contribution is public. If you want to, you can start editing the wiki right away, or if you have anything you'd like to discuss, please reply to this post ^^

    Traduction Français

    Summary by Xena

    Welcome to the team! Sorry, the image "Emoji-NixCheer.png" failed to load. Refresh the page to retry.

    Wusoth (talkcontribs)

    Hi, I see that you're looking for people to translate the wiki of your game. Im interested. I play to the game and i like it. I really want to have the game translate in french one day. I saw comments that say that your game is not translate in french so french people don't want to play it. It's a shame i think. That's why i want to help if i can. You can contact me, i've added a email to my account. Or maybe directly on the site.

    Bonjour, Je vois que vous cherchez des gens pour traduire le wiki de votre jeu. Je suis intéressé. Je joue au jeu et je l’adore. Je veux vraiment que le jeu soit traduit en français un jour. J’ai vu des commentaires selon lesquels votre jeu n’est pas traduit en français, alors les Français ne veulent pas y jouer. C’est dommage, je pense. C’est pourquoi je veux aider si je peux.

    Vous pouvez me contacter, j’ai ajouté un mail à mon compte. Ou peut-être directement sur le site.

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    Hello @Wusoth! I'm happy you want to help translate the wiki Sorry, the image "Emoji-GenieHappy.png" failed to load. Refresh the page to retry.

    I'm currently on a break from editing because of personal stuff, but once I'm back, I will prepare the wiki for translation. This means that currently the wiki cannot be translated yet. It should be translate-able in around a month.

    We have a Discord server for wiki editors and translators. Would you like to join us until you can help with translation? If so, what's your Discord username? ^^

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    (Just a note, we are not developers, so translating the wiki doesn't directly help with translating the game)

    Wusoth (talkcontribs)

    I agree to join the Discord but you have to know that i don't speak english very well. I can understand it and write it pretty good, but im not comfortable with the speaking. There is some words or expression that i need to translate and search to understand. French people have a bad reputation with speaking english. Unfortunetly, it's pretty true. Iam the living proof of that :p I need to take my time for searching and correctly translate a text sometimes. But i really want to help to translate if i can.

    Im not going to join vocal channel on discord because there is always noise in my house. And of course because im not good for speaking english, like i said. I prefer to be clear on this point ^^

    Yeah i know that the wiki is not the same thing then the game, but wiki is a good start for french players who want to play i think.

    My discord : Wusoth#5421

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    Thanks, I'll contact you on discord then! Sorry, the image "Emoji-GenieThumbsup.png" failed to load. Refresh the page to retry.

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