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    About this board

    Use this board if you have any files you might want uploaded, or want to submit your fanart.

    • Upload your image to a hosting website like ImgBB. If you don't want to have this uploaded forever, you can set your picture to only last for 2 weeks. Include the link to the image in your post.
    • If you are submitting fanart, you can include a link to your social media account or portfolio, and it will be linked with your username under the fanart. If you want, you can omit this, and we will link to your profile on the wiki instead (or nothing if you're anonymous).

    < Click here to see all the fanart sent so far! >

    Every fanart file is marked as created by you, with a warning to not use it without permission. If you are worried about it though, you can watermark it before sending.

    Sending art that doesn't belong to you is prohibited and can result in a ban. Using fanart submitted here without the permission of the artist is forbidden.

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    Oh hi its twins fan art i did awhile ago its just thier heads however(Idk how to post imagines)

    Summary by Xena

    Closed for no answer for a long time. Please create a new thread if you want to add your fanart with a proper link, thank you! ^^

    Meowcat69 (talkcontribs)


    Xena (talkcontribs)

    Hi there @Meowcat69! Unfortunately I can't open the link properly. Could you follow the instructions in this board description please? (Upload the image to an image hosting service like ImgBB and share the link from there in another comment to this thread)

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    Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.