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    Xena (talkcontribs)

    This is an example post. Feel free to reply as a test 👀

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    hg (talkcontribs)

    test (talkcontribs)

    hello (talkcontribs)



    i wish dragon tamer add a challenge mode-when a friend is online,you can challenge that friend.the friend can accept and deny the challenge.but when challenging,the friend can't see your arena lineup and how strong your dragons are and also they can't see your level too.if dragon tamer added this,thanks i wanted it.

    Zeus (talkcontribs)

    Well, you asked for it.

    2001:FD8:F09A:94C8:ECBC:475D:FCF0:E53C (talkcontribs)


    Lyra (talkcontribs)

    Hi everyone :) (talkcontribs)

    How bout adding the pictures of how the dragon eggs look like in this website at the- breeding page

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    Hi, we already show how eggs look like in the gallery of each dragon (growth stages).

    Lace (talkcontribs)


    2806:105E:1:6BD:E927:B66D:2ADC:B086 (talkcontribs)

    Hi, I need help because time ago i put on my account (lunes) parental control and now I cant remove it 😥.

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    Hi, please check this previous thread where I answered this exact question. The question is not in English but I answered in both languages below in that thread. (talkcontribs)


    2A01:5EC0:2809:16E3:2435:707:C27F:8E76 (talkcontribs)

    HelloooooBold (talkcontribs)

    Кто-нибудь подскажите, как решить проблему с тем, что невозможно посмотреть рекламу за награду, пишет: "пока нет доступной рекламы". У других игр все в порядке с рекламой!

    Someone tell me how to solve the problem that it is impossible to watch advertising for a reward, it writes: “there is no advertising available yet.” Other games are fine with advertising!

    Xena (talkcontribs)
    Xena (talkcontribs)


    Reply to "Hello!"
    Drakine (talkcontribs)

    Does anyone have the image files for the Axe Of Valor, Cosmic Mirror, Bloodthirsty Fang, Psychic Source, and War Skull artifacts? Also how are these images acquired, are they just edited screenshots? I'm happy to get them myself if nobody has them I'm just unsure how the other ones were gotten.

    As a side note I am currently working on making a list of artifacts on the Artifacts page.

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    We acquire the files from the game itself, so they're the clean versions. I have limited time to edit so it wasn't our priority, but I can upload them on the upcoming weekend so they can be used on the page.

    Thank your for your contribution! ^^ There was maintenance on our hosting servers recently, so I'll be reviewing the pending contributions now.

    How do you delete an account?

    2 (talkcontribs)

    I need to delete my account, does anyone know how to?

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    Please use the game support from in-game options or the official Discord server (link on the main page), although I'm not certain if it's possible to delete an account.

    Reply to "How do you delete an account?" (talkcontribs)

    Give pls referal code (talkcontribs)

    How can I change my age? I'm 14 but my brother put in under 13😭

    Reply to "New player"

    💚 Thanks Thread 💚

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    Thank you @Rishal for helping! ^^ Sorry, the image "Emoji-NixCheer.png" failed to load. Refresh the page to retry.

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    Thanks @Taffini for adding new dragonbrands! We will be working on that page soon to also fix some formatting and make it look better Sorry, the image "Emoji-GenieThumbsup.png" failed to load. Refresh the page to retry.

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    Thank you @LunartheDragon for your contribution! It took a while for it to be accepted, but that was because I was on vacation.

    Xena (talkcontribs)
    Xena (talkcontribs)

    Thank you @Lyra for your edits! I accepted them all. I have a few things to tell regarding them, but will create another thread for it.

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    Thank you @Lyra for adding bloodline details! I made a few minor changes to make them fit the rest. Didn't accept your edits earlier because I'm quite busy

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    Just a quick notice, I'll be back in around a week. This means that if any edit wasn't accepted, it just meant I didn't have time to accept it yet and will do when I get back. I appreciate any edits you have done so far!

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    Thank you anonymous user 👤 for adding Lucifer's bloodline!

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    Thank you @Lyra for your edits! I accepted them all and made minor formatting tweaks.

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    @Dragern thank you for filling in missing information 💚

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    Thank you anonymous user 👤 for fixing the Typo in Topaz's description! I rejected your change to Shadow's description, as one horn, not horns, is how it's written in the game.

    Reply to "💚 Thanks Thread 💚"

    Can anyone create an alliance page❓

    Summary last edited by Xena 06:55, 22 October 2023 5 months ago

    Please don't create empty pages, thank you.

    Lace (talkcontribs)

    Can anyone create an alliance page?

    Lace (talkcontribs)
    Lace (talkcontribs)

    I created ^_^ but there is no text on it

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    Hey there, we didn't add an alliance page because we didn't have time to write it yet. We don't want empty pages on the wiki, it's easier to see that it needs to be written if it doesn't exist.

    That's why I deleted this empty page. If you want, you can create it again and write something ^^ Just don't create empty pages please.

    If you want to do edits, please read the Editing Manual.

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    We will write that page some time in the future, but if you want to start it, feel free to

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    Also, please use edit descriptions and don't make random formatting changes like changing a heading when other headings are the same.

    Is anyone gonna add arena page on this wiki

    2607:FEA8:C340:28F0:1D0B:86B5:4722:FE48 (talkcontribs)

    Is anyone gonna add an arena page for the wiki

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    Hello there!

    There's still many pages missing because we don't have many editors. The Arena page was in our backlog along with many others, but I moved it in our to-do-list to have higher priority.

    If you want, I can reply to this thread when the page is created!

    Summary by Xena

    If you have suggestions for the game, please suggest them in the official Discord server. (talkcontribs)

    If we post suggestions on the community general will it be able to reach the devs

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    Hello, the developers don't check the suggestion thread on this wiki as far as we're aware. If you want to suggest changes to the game for developers to see, please post in the official discord server.

    Возраст в игре

    Summary by Xena

    Hope it helps! ^^ (talkcontribs)

    Случайно при реге в игре указал не верный возраст, в целом я не думал, что это как-то отобразится на игре. Но оказывается, что не могу писать в мировой чат теперь. Что делать? Можно ли это как-то изменить? (talkcontribs)

    Был бы очень благодарен, если кто-то знает и подскажет. А то немного грустно от того, что такая интересная функция общения для меня отсутствует. А начинать заново не хотелось бы, уже на 29ом уровне, может это не так уж и много в сравнении, но все же печально начинать с нуля только из-за моей невнимательности

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    Unfortunately there is no easy way to change your in-game age now. You have three options:

    • Restart the game if you don't mind losing your current progress. Your current level can be reached quite quickly right now.
    • Continue playing. If you submitted the age of 13, the game will lift the restriction/ask for your age again in a year (real time year). This probably won't work if you submitted a younger age like 11.
    • Contact Freya in the official Discord server.

    (использовал Google Translate) К сожалению, сейчас нет простого способа изменить свой возраст в игре. У вас есть три варианта:

    • Перезапустите игру, если вы не против потерять текущий прогресс. Ваш текущий уровень может быть достигнут довольно быстро прямо сейчас.
    • Продолжайте играть. Если вы указали возраст 13 лет, игра снова снимет ограничение/запросит ваш возраст через год (год в реальном времени). Это, вероятно, не сработает, если вы представили более молодой возраст, например 11.
    • Свяжитесь с Фрейей на официальном сервере Discord.
    Xena (talkcontribs)

    Hello @Lyra, you made helpful and well annotated edits! ^^ Therefore I granted you the rights to bypass the Moderation system. This means your edits won't have to wait for being approved and will be public right away.

    Do you want to join the editor discord server? It's not very active, but it's a more comfortable way to discuss edits and the wiki overall. If you'd like to join, please reply with your Discord username.

    In any case thanks for your edits so far! ^^

    Lyra (talkcontribs)

    Thank you so much. I would love to join the server but as of right now, I don’t have reliable way to access it. Even if I did manage to, i wouldn’t be able to use discord due to most of my family being against it. Now I wouldn’t imagine I would come this far especially when I first joined. Thanks for giving me the privilege of being able to skip moderation, it means a lot to me :) It may take a couple of months or year till I get access to discord, but when I do I’ll join as soon as possible. In the mean time I guess I’ll help the wiki even more

    Xena (talkcontribs)

    That's okay! ^^ If you need to discuss anything, feel free to do so through the Contributor Chat thread here on the wiki.

    (I'll close this thread for clarity now, so if you want to reply, you can in that thread also)

    Have fun editing

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