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    Dark Habitat background.jpg

    Dark.png Dark is one of 11 dragon elements. It was introduced in the v.1.0.0 update.

    Dark symbolises twilight and night sky, and grim, gloomy matter (skills like Stellar Protection and Bloodthorn). Although there are healing and support skills as well, many focus on reducing enemy's ability to heal and on health drain (Megatooth and Galactic Shout).
    Dark dragons usually use dim colors in their design.

    There is no Dark primary dragon, because this element is exclusive to Legendary dragons.

    Below table shows which attacks are strong or weak against Dark dragons:

    Strong (+20% DMG) Neutral Weak (-20% DMG)
    Psychic Chaos Nature Fire Water Electric Earth Metal Dark Void Light

    Other Elements:

    Dragons with Dark Element[edit source]

    Brnacle Goose index.png
    Hades index.png
    Anubis index.png
    Nix index.png
    Kur index.png
    Asura index.png
    Hydra index.png
    Dark Star index.png
    Phantom index.png
    Behemoth index.png
    Fenrir index.png
    Minotaur index.png
    Dark Qilin index.png
    Illusion index.png
    Sickle index.png
    Starry index.png
    Reaper index.png
    Duron index.png
    Bone index.png
    Thunder Wolf index.png
    Ash index.png
    Ghost index.png
    Rune index.png
    Axetail index.png
    Mao index.png
    Hermes index.png
    Titania index.png
    Black Iron index.png
    Chime index.png
    Dowser index.png
    Ignis index.png
    Sky Fire index.png
    Barley index.png
    Dracalchem index.png
    Mauve index.png
    Mayfly index.png
    Grey Tooth index.png
    Sirius index.png

    Dark Skills[edit source]

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