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    Metal Habitat background.jpg
    Grey Tooth.png

    Grey Tooth is a Legendary Metal/Dark dragon in Exotics category. It was introduced in the v.1.0.41 update.

    Obtaining[edit source]

    Grey Tooth can be obtained from:

    Game Data[edit source]

    ⬩ Background

    Grey Tooth grew up deep in the forest and became a master hunter. Life in the jungle sharpened his willpower. He grew wings to fight with the sky, he grew steel claws to dominate the land. The whole wildlands is just his hunting ground.
    ⬩ Stats ⬩


    StatAt lv. 10*Max**
    HP.png Health1883
    DEF.png Defense128
    CRIT.png Crit20%
    ATK.png Attack341
    SPEED.png Speed123
    Dragonpower.png Dragonpower:728
    *Crit and Speed stats don't increase with level.

    **At Star.pngStar.pngStar.pngStar.pngStar.png and lv. 100, without any Dragonbrand, Soul, Skin, Bloodline or Artifact bonuses.

    ⬩ Bloodline ⬩

    Grey Tooth bloodline.png

    Grey Tooth can unlock its bloodline after reaching 2 stars.

    • : unlocks Tier 2
    • : unlocks Tier 3
    • : unlocks Tiers 4 and 5

    Each tier costs 1 Grey Tooth Bloodstone.

    This dragon doesn't have bloodline details added yet.

    Elemental Resistance[edit source]

    Below is shown which elements are strong or weak against Grey Tooth.

    Strong (+20% DMG) Neutral Weak (-20% DMG)
    Nature Dark Psychic Fire Water Electric Metal Chaos Void Earth Light

    Skills[edit source]

    Skill Element Unlocked at lv. Description (lv. 5) Cooldown
    Metal Claw - Deals 120% of ATK as Metal DMG to an enemy. 0
    Moonlight 4 Restores HP equivalent to 90% of ATK for an ally, and HP equivalent to 57% of the caster's ATK for 2 turns. 1
    Dexterousness 10 Deals Metal DMG to an enemy equal to 80% of the caster's ATK 2 times, and makes the target vulnerable to Metal Dragons, increasing the target's DMG taken from Metal Dragons by 100% for 3 turns. 3

    Gallery[edit source]

    Growth stages[edit source]

    Animations[edit source]

    This dragon cannot be colored.
    This dragon doesn't have any Skin.

    No one has sent fanart for Grey Tooth and it has no fanart reference yet.

    Trivia[edit source]

    • Grey Tooth was shown in New Dragon Preview, together with Mangorine.

    Grey Tooth Preview

    DPL3-skill-Metal ClawDPL3-skill-MoonlightDPL3-skill-Dexterousness

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