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    Nature Habitat background.jpg

    Mangorine is an Epic Nature/Psychic dragon in Reptiles category. It was introduced in the v.1.0.41 update.

    Obtaining[edit source]

    Mangorine can be obtained from:

    Game Data[edit source]

    ⬩ Background

    Mangorine Dragons are well known for their innocence and enthusiasm. They are keen on collecting sweet-smelling things and spreading the aroma wherever they go.
    ⬩ Stats ⬩


    StatAt lv. 10*Max**
    HP.png Health1666
    DEF.png Defense111
    CRIT.png Crit10%
    ATK.png Attack305
    SPEED.png Speed123
    Dragonpower.png Dragonpower:633
    *Crit and Speed stats don't increase with level.

    **At Star.pngStar.pngStar.pngStar.pngStar.png and lv. 90, without any Dragonbrand, Soul, Skin, Bloodline or Artifact bonuses.

    Elemental Resistance[edit source]

    Below is shown which elements are strong or weak against Mangorine.

    Strong (+20% DMG) Neutral Weak (-20% DMG)
    Nature Fire Water Electric Earth Light Chaos Void Metal Dark Psychic

    Skills[edit source]

    Skill Element Unlocked at lv. Description (MAX Upgrade) Recharge
    Flying Leaves - Deals 120% of ATK as Nature DMG to an enemy. 0
    Downwind Attack 4 Increases Speed by 20 for all allies for 2 turns. 1
    Sweet Scent 10 Has a 30% chance to seal an enemy for 2 turns, and deals 144% of ATK as Psychic DMG to all enemies. 3

    Gallery[edit source]

    Growth stages[edit source]

    Animations[edit source]

    This dragon cannot be colored.
    This dragon doesn't have any Skin.

    No one has sent fanart for Mangorine and it has no fanart reference yet.

    Trivia[edit source]

    • Mangorine was shown in New Dragon Preview, together with Grey Tooth.

    Mangorine Preview
    • Mangorine was designed by a player as a suggestion in the official Discord server.

    DPL3-skill-Flying LeavesDPL3-skill-Downwind AttackDPL3-skill-Sweet Scent

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