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    This page is a translated version of the page Dragon:Master Mo and the translation is 100% complete.

    Master Mo is a Legendary Water/Light dragon in Exotics category. It was introduced in the v.1.0.16 update.


    Master Mo can be obtained from:

    Game Data

    ⬩ Background

    Maître Mo est un grand calligraphe. Il ne va nulle part sans son stylo et son parchemin à la main. Chaque fois qu’il rencontre un beau paysage, il prend le temps de peindre un tableau pour s’en souvenir. En tant qu’érudit d’élite, Maître Mo a une âme paisible. Il a été doté de la capacité de sauter dans les peintures et de vivre à l’intérieur d’eux.
    ⬩ Stats ⬩


    StatAt lv. 10*Max**
    *Crit and Speed stats don't increase with level.

    **At and lv. 100, without any Dragonbrand, Soul, Skin, Bloodline or Artifact bonuses.

    ⬩ Bloodline ⬩

    Master Mo can unlock its bloodline after reaching 2 stars.

    • : unlocks Tier 2
    • : unlocks Tier 3
    • : unlocks Tiers 4 and 5

    Each tier costs 1 Master Mo Bloodstone.

    Tier 1 Stat Enhancement
    Increases the user’s Crit by 5%.
    Tier 2 Skill Enhancement
    Shortens Black Surge’s cooldown time by 1 turn.
    Tier 3 Skill Level Buff
    Levels up all Skills by 1.
    Tier 4 Team Staff Buff
    Increases everyone’s DEF by 10% at the beginning of the battle.
    Tier 5 Awakened Black Surge
    Dispels enemies’ buffs, and then deals Water DMG to them equal to XX% of the caster’s ATK, increasing the DMG they receive by 10% for 1 turn. (+)

    Elemental Resistance

    Below is shown which elements are strong or weak against Master Mo.

    Force (+20% DMG) Neutre Faible (-20% DMG)
    Electric Light Chaos Nature Water Earth Metal Psychic Void Fire Dark


    Skill Element Unlocked at lv. Description (lv. 5) Cooldown
    Water Orb Attack - Deals 120% of ATK as Water DMG to an enemy. 0
    Meteor Strike 4 Deals 141% of ATK as Light DMG to an enemy, and has a 30% chance to stun the enemy for 1 turn. 1
    Black Surge 10 Dispels enemies' buffs, and then deals Water DMG to them equal to 165% of the caster's ATK. 3


    Growth stages


    This dragon cannot be colored.


    Obtaining: Legendary Pass Season 12
    Bonus: HP Bonus 5%, ATK Bonus 5%

    Click here to see the fanart reference for Master Mo!


    • Master Mo was shown in New Dragon Preview, together with Helios.

    Master Mo Preview
    • Prior to release, Master Mo was shown to be Metal/Light in patch notes.
    • It was introduced in the Breeding Season Event (2021-02-25 ~ 2021-03-03 (GMT))

    DPL3-skill-Water Orb AttackDPL3-skill-Meteor StrikeDPL3-skill-Black Surge

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