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    You can see the archived entries here.

    Editing[edit source]

    How can I help?[edit source]

    Please check this page for a basic explanation! ^^
    If you want to edit, please read the Editing Manual first.

    Can I edit without an account?[edit source]

    Yes! Keep in mind however that if you edit anonymously, your IP will be seen in the page edit history. Having an account is recommended if you want to help more regularly.

    What is Moderation?[edit source]

    Moderation is a system on our wiki used to prevent vandalism, but still allow everyone to make changes to the wiki:

    • If you make an edit, changes will be visible only to you and the wiki team.
    • There is a special log of edits and we check it regularly. If your edit is helpful, we will make it public!
    • Likewise, if the edit is not helpful or was an attempt to troll/spam, the edit will be declined.
    • Pages in the User and Community namespaces (Community:Contact is in the Community namespace for example) are free from Moderation. This means that edits you make there are public for everyone to see instantly. This way, editing your profile and suggesting/asking a question will be easier for everyone.

    General[edit source]

    The dark mode looks really weird![edit source]

    We are currently working on dark mode and the changes aren't public. Once the dark mode is finished, the dark mode trigger will be also put in a more visible space. Please ignore the dark mode trigger at the bottom of the page until it's completed.

    Known Issues[edit source]

    This wiki is slow sometimes. Why?[edit source]

    This wiki is hosted by Miraheze - a non-profit, ad-free wiki hosting service. Because it isn't a commercial wiki farm, like for example Fandom, the infrastructure used to host the wikis isn't as big in size. This means occasional slowness can sometimes occur. It also means no ads!
    For more information, refer to the Miraheze FAQ.

    The images don't load and the wiki background too![edit source]

    We got a report of wiki background and image galleries not loading on an iPhone 7 Plus. If you're browsing on this type of device or a similar model, you might experience some issues with images. This happens both in Safari and Chrome. If you want to report more about this issue, please use the contact discussion board.
    Please note that the login page has a simplified styling and no background for everyone, for security reasons.

    The language selector is buggy. Very buggy.[edit source]

    It's annoying, so we sent a bug report about this issue. Progress is being made and we hope it can be fixed soon.

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    Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.