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    Events icon.png Events are activities that happen in the game for a limited period of time. Their main prizes are usually event dragons, Avatar Frames or Decorations.

    Event Types[edit source]

    There are different types of events, each having unique rules and rewards associated with them. Click on the name to go to its respective page with details.

    Event Dragons[edit source]

    Dragons that were introduced in an event, and are occasionally offered as event rewards:
    (They can be only obtained via events, summoning or the Mystery Shop)

    Burns index.png
    Jack'O'Drak index.png
    Xmas index.png
    Carboro index.png
    Jackalope index.png
    Batwing index.png
    Arc index.png
    Emerald index.png
    Topaz index.png
    Obsidian index.png
    Icetop index.png
    Bright index.png
    Fores index.png
    Phantom index.png
    Siren index.png
    Salamander index.png
    Behemoth index.png
    Fenrir index.png
    Minotaur index.png
    Icey index.png
    Nymph index.png
    Illusion index.png
    Raytheon index.png
    Sickle index.png
    Prophet index.png
    Starry index.png
    Master Mo index.png
    Reaper index.png
    Duron index.png
    Bai Ze index.png
    Bone index.png
    Thunder Wolf index.png
    Selene index.png
    Ash index.png
    Aegis index.png
    Ghost index.png
    Vine index.png
    Sakura index.png
    Rune index.png
    Phoenix index.png
    Axetail index.png
    Mao index.png
    Hermes index.png
    Griffon index.png
    Titania index.png
    Glaucus index.png
    Morana index.png
    Silver Thorn index.png
    Black Iron index.png
    Chime index.png
    Emmanuel index.png
    Fox index.png
    Dowser index.png
    Ignis index.png
    Sky Fire index.png
    Electrelk index.png
    Drych index.png
    Barley index.png
    Ming She index.png
    Mauve index.png
    Mayfly index.png
    Night Storm index.png
    Ward index.png
    Sirius index.png
    Grey Tooth index.png
    Silverwing index.png
    Shade index.png

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