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    This page lists fan guides made by the community. You can find useful tips and tricks here that are not anywhere else on the wiki! Click on the guide title to see it. Some guides have notes from their creators quoted.

    Please remember, that if you cite or use fragments of those guides somewhere else, you need to credit the creator.
    If you want your guide to be added, contact us!

    General Guides[edit source]

    Starstone Void Guide by Ayumi
    Are you struggling to clear Starstone Void? This guide will tell you everything that I know about Starstone Void to clear up to floor 85 against all elements. That includes recommended dragons, magic, artifacts, and strategies.
    Top Tips to Improve by Ayumi
    This guide is absolutely filled with tips and general information to improve yourself as a player. This is primarily aimed towards players levelled 50-130.
    Legendary Breeding Calculator by Ayumi

    A calculator that outputs what Legendary dragons can be bred when pairing two chosen Epic dragons. Made because dragonbot in the official Discord server is outdated. This calculator supports all Epic dragons up to Mangorine iconMangorine icon Mangorine.

    Tier Lists[edit source]

    Legendary Dragon Tier List by Serpentyn

    (all Legendary dragons up to version v.1.0.36)

    After a few requests I took after Ayumi with the tier lists. I have made a slight change in the tier description it's self

    S+ dragons that u have to use in a team becuase without them u would lose as their are overpowered
    S dragons that no matter how bad your team is. With the right brand set they can solo carry a whole fight for u
    A+ Strong dragon that fit any team regardless of line up (the lack the strong solo carry potential)
    A Good dragons, your mid tier dragon that u can play anywhere but if u meet a unfavorable match up they will play poorly (example is bone into Bae ze, barley into ash = skill counters or heavy element weakness to A+ and above dragons)
    B+ dragons that need a specific team to work well otherwise they are bellow average (example, lasvig needs a strong DPS like Lucifer to use his S3 well)
    B dragons that might have a niche case usage but on their own they lack anything good to bring a to team (example, enemy has only Lucifer as their main dmg dragon, u can bring strong sickle to oneshot Lucifer before he moves due to element weakness and strong single target damage)
    D dragons that do poorly unless played into a specific enemy team as a counter play
    F useless everywhere in PvP due to many reason

    I would like to add, this is only for Arena and Alliance war
    Mines and PvE content has a different playstyles and reason for dragon usage might be created upon enough requests

    Legendary Dragon Tier List by Ayumi

    (all Legendary dragons up to version v.1.0.33)

    I have created a tier list for all legendries currently available. Naturally in a tier list, there will be bias and disagreements, so I've had many players take a look to eliminate any bias.

    This list has a primary focus on Arena, but worth in Alliance Warfare is considered. The new Bloodline is not taken into account, as Bloodstones are currently too difficult to obtain. This is for current patch v1.0.33. I will try keep this updated when there is a significant patch.

    Note: All of these dragons can be used to some capacity. You cannot throw together random dragons from the top to build the best team. This list is to educate on what is generally the best, and worth investing in.
    Epic Dragon Tier List by Ayumi

    (all Epic dragons up to version v.1.0.35)

    Upon popular request, here is the epic dragon tier list. This list is to educate on what epics are the best, and generally worth investing in. I didn't get any outside opinions like I do my Legendary tier lists, as epics aren't important in the grand scheme of your DT journey. Merely a stepping stone.

    Please note: Epic dragons are NOT good. I'd recommend a C tier legendary over even the A tier epics. This is solely for the new players.

    Once you get to a high level (100+ or even before), I'd recommend resetting all epic dragons you have invested in once you have a substitute. Yes, this includes Fairy. Do not over invest in epics. They are not the end-game, and you will regret the wasted resources. You should have a team of at least 4 legendaries by level 80.

    S tier dragons are the only exception, and are still used in some team setups in warfare by even the best alliances and high level players. But you need to understand why they're used.

    Dragonbrands[edit source]

    "Dragonbrands for each Legendary" by Ayumi
    The purpose of this guide is to advise what brands you should be taking on each Legendary Dragon. If you want to be told outright what to build, you’re in the right place. If you want to learn the in’s and out’s of why we build certain brands on certain dragons, I have another guide you may be interested in.
    Dragonbrand Guide by Ayumi
    I've created a Dragonbrand guide. Initially, this guide was going to be exclusive to our alliance; Arcadia, but I want all players to benefit from it.

    It goes into extreme detail about how the system works, a breakdown of the stats, what to build on who, and why. The purpose of my guide is not to tell you what to build on what dragon, but why you want to build it. This should allow players to look at a new dragon on release, and already figure out for themselves what to build on it, rather than rely on others to tell them.

    This is 12 pages of information varying from basic, to in-depth breakdowns that I know for a fact some high level players aren't fully familiar with, so I hope it helps whether you're level 10 or 110.
    Introduction to Dragonbrands by Ariadne

    Introduction and explanation of how dragonbrands (especially their bonuses) work, as well as a list of example stats/sets for most of the Legendary dragons.

    Combat[edit source]

    Bloodlines: Breakdown and recommendations by Ayumi
    Are you unsure which Bloodline to go for next?

    Did you just pull a Bloodstone for a dragon, and you're unsure whether to keep it or dismantle it? My guide has explained and evaluated every Bloodline currently available.

    All Bloodlines have been rated based on their overall strength and value, with a recommendation on which Bloodline tiers to aim for.
    Artifact Recommendations for all Legendaries by Ayumi
    Struggling with what Artifacts you should put on each of your dragons? Just as my other guide tells you how to brand your dragons, this guide tells you which artifacts to use! Every compatible artifact for each dragon is listed, with the best ones being in BOLD. Just like my brand guide, every legendary dragon is listed alphabetically, with a "jump to letter" at the top.
    Battle Roles by GameRHero95 and BaradaLilly

    A guide to see what type of roles the dragons fit in that play to their strengths.

    "So you want to build Genie" by Ayumi
    Made another guide because I thought it'd be fun. This is a guide specifically for building Genie, as he's the only dragon in the game that is built in this way.

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