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    • 2 New Dragons putting the total dragon number at 156:

    Icetop index.png
    Ignis index.png

    Icetop can be obtained from the Summoners Cave
    Ignis can be obtained from Events

    Added a lava-themed skin for Sickle.
    Added a hellfire-themed skin for Bone.

    • Prophet’s Hut
      • After reaching level 80, players can spend 50M gold to purchase the Prophet’s Hut.
      • Foretell: Players can spend Divi to practice divination. Every 30 divinations grant a Bloodstone. One type of Bloodstone can be chosen as a preferred one. If the designated Bloodstone can't be found the first time around, it must be the next time the player practices divination.
      • Dismantle: 30 Bloodstone Shards are given after dismantling a Bloodstone.
      • Shop: Each Bloodstone costs 100 Bloodstone Shards.

    • Bloodline System
      • When the player reaches lvl.80 and a dragon reaches 2 stars, Bloodstones can be spent to awaken their Bloodline.
      • Bloodstones can be obtained from the Prophet’s Hut or packs.
      • So far the Bloodline effect can be upgraded up to T5.
      • Current available Dragons: Minotaur, Fenrir, Genie, Thunder Wolf, Sickle, Reaper, and Starry.

    • Revamped Arena
      • Each tier has three zones: promotion zone, preservation zone, and relegation zone. Top rankers will be promoted. Those who rank at the bottom will be demoted.
      • When a season ends, players get rewards based on their tier and rank. These will be sent by mail. Each season will last for 1 week. When a season ends, some of the points from that season can be used for the next season.
        • Base points: Bronze (1000), Silver (1200), Gold (1400), Master (1600), King (1800)
        • The formula below will be used to calculate the points that a player will get at the beginning of the new season: The base points of the tier that they’ll enter in the next season + (their points in the current season – the base points for the tier in the new season) *0.2. If the value is smaller than the base points, they’ll still get the base points in the next season.
        • Example 1: This season a player has obtained 1500 points and will enter the Gold tier in the next coming season. They will get [1400+(1500-1400)*0.2]=1420 points in the new season.
        • Example 2: This season a player has obtained 1100 points and will enter the Silver tier in the next coming season. They'll still get 1200 points in the new season.

    • Balance Changes
      • Ya Zi: increased its DEF by 20%.
      • Silver Thorn: increased its DEF by 20% and its base SPD by 2.

    • Other Improvements
      • Increased the total levels of Starstone Void to 40. Decreased the difficulties of levels. Some new levels will reward you with Divi.
      • The Refinement of Artifacts and Bloodlines will be taken into account for calculation of Dragon Power.
      • Replaced the Rare Magic Stones in the Gems Mines with Silver Thorn Shards.
      • A red dot will appear on the Dragon Soul tab if the Dragon Soul fulfills the upgrade requirements.
      • A red dot will appear on the Artifact tab if the Artifact fulfills the refinement requirements.
      • Players can block up to 40 tamers now.
      • Added more Goals for level 65 and level 80 tamers.
      • Added new level packs.
      • Silver Thorn can be summoned from the Summoner’s Cave now.
      • UI/UX improvements

      • Bug Fixes
      • Some known issues have been fixed.

    [edit source]

    There was a hotfix on 8 April 2022 that fixed Icetop's 3rd skill (Ice Assault).

    [edit source]

    There was a temporary maintenance on 18 April 2022:

    • Fixed a Growth Certificate bug
    • Fixed a bug where the Arena Frame wouldn't unlock after fulfilling the requirenment.

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