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    • 2 New Dragons raising the total dragon number to 162:

    Ming She can be obtained from Events
    Mauve can be obtained from Events

    Added a shadow-themed Skin for Thunder Wolf.
    Added a shadow-themed Skin for Phoenix.

    The following dragons can activate their Bloodlines after they fulfilled requirements: Bai Ze iconBai Ze icon Bai Ze, Phoenix iconPhoenix icon Phoenix, Neptune iconNeptune icon Neptune, Electrelk iconElectrelk icon Electrelk, Ming She iconMing She icon Ming She, Bright iconBright icon Bright, Mauve iconMauve icon Mauve, Drych iconDrych icon Drych, Fox iconFox icon Fox, and Selene iconSelene icon Selene

    • New Dragonbrands
      • Achilles
        • 2-piece Bonus: DEF Bonus + 30%
        • 4-piece Bonus: Every time the user's HP decreases by 10%, the DMG reduction bonus will increase by 10%. This can go up by a maximum of 50%.
      • Mars
        • 2-piece Bonus: Crit +15%
        • 4-piece Bonus: Crit DMG +20%. Single-target Skills will deal an additional 40% damage to targets that have more than 70% of their HP remaining.
      • New Dragonbrands can be obtained from the Shop, Spacetime Rift, and Dragonbrand Chests.

      • Element-Specific Artifacts
      • Element-Specific Artifacts are Mythic Artifacts that have an Element Bonus.
      • None of these Artifacts have a Light, Dark, or Chaos Bonus.
      • The base stats of an Element-Specific Artifact will be increased by 50% if it has been equipped on a Dragon that has the same Element.
      • Artifacts of this kind can be refined up to Lv.6.
      • These Artifacts can be obtained from Time-Limited Summon Event and Dragon Hunting Event.

    • Suggested Lineups
      • Players can use the button next to the question mark button in the Dragon Overview to view Suggested Lineups.
    • Balance Changes
      • Magic and Mythic Artifacts can no longer be disarmed.
      • Shield can be stacked but the remaining duration won’t.
        • Example: A Dragon receives a 1000-DMG-absorption Shield that lasts for 2 turns and a 2000-DMG-absorption Shield that lasts for 1 turn. As a result, the Dragon will have a 3000-DMG-absorption Shield that only lasts for 2 turns.
      • 4-piece Akso Bonus now increases DEF by 30%.

    • Other Adjustments
      • Added new rifts to the Spacetime Rift.
      • Decreased the required level of unlocking the Grandmaster and Asura Adventure difficulties.
      • Runestone Store has been removed. Instead, Runestones can be used to draw Element-specific Artifacts, Legendary Dragon Eggs, and many other items during the Time-Limited Summon Event.
      • Players can spend Gems to refresh the UP Bloodstone list in the Prophet's Hut. The UP Bloodstone will be automatically deselected after the list tis refreshed.
      • Some bloodstones cannot be selected as preferred in the Prophet's Hut.
      • Artifacts can be now forged using a new currency, Magic Crystals. They replace the Gems option and can be bought in the Shop or earned in Events.
      • Although not included in event calendars, Limited-Time Divination events happen for certain dragons.
      • The Skill level will be the true level when challenging friends.
      • Improved UI/UX.

    • Bug Fixes

    [edit source]

    There was a temporary maintenance on 21 June 2022:

    • Fixed the countdown timer issue
    • Updated the breeding pair

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