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    Gift codes are limited-time codes that can be redeemed in the game for various gifts. They are usually revealed in social media.

    How to redeem gifts[edit source]


    Codes[edit source]

    • Codes aren't case-sensitive, which means both DT2021 and dt2021 will work.
    • All codes are listed in bold text. Any italic text is placeholder, and it means the code is secret and revealed to specific players in an event.
    • Codes marked as "Unknown" don't have a confirmed expiration date, and weren't confirmed to expire yet.
    Code Validity Gifts
    2024EASTER Expired on 5 April 2024 50x , 5x , 5x Dragon Egg
    WOMENSDAY Expired on 11 March 2024 300x , 3x , 5x Pink Flower
    CHUNJIE Expired 1x , 10x , 400x
    COZYHOL23 Expired on 30 December 2023 1x Christmas Tree, 5x , 1x , 200x
    THANKYOU Expired on 27 November 2023 50x , 5x Sunflower
    DTFUN Expired on 9 October 2023 100x
    2023DT Expired on 9 October 2023 5x , 6x Yellow Flower
    DT3YRS Expired on 9 October 2023 500x
    DRAGONBOAT Expired on 28 June 2023 2x , 20x , 20x , 20x , 100k , 30x
    MOM23 Expired on 21 May 2023 250x , 5x , 6x Yellow Flower, 1x
    EASTER23 Expired on 11 April 2023 50x , 5x
    DTIWD23 Expired on 20 March 2023 300x , 50x , 5x Pink Flower
    DTCNY23 Expired on 1 February 2023 6x Fireworks, 600x , 5x
    XMAS22 Expired on 2 January 2023 188x , 3x , 20x , 20x , 20x , 30x
    BLACKFRI Expired on 5 December 2022 40x , 4x
    DTHAWE Expired on 8 November 2022 2x , 5x Candle, 30x
    HAPPY2YRS Expired on 9 October 2022 200x , 20x , 500k
    DTEASTER Expired on 30 April 2022 2x , 5x Dragon Egg (decoration), 50x
    DTDIS Expired on 14 December 2021 30x , 5x , 10x
    Discord Valentine's Event Code Expired on 28 February 2021 200K , 50x , 2x Red Flower
    BIDW Expired 1x Bidw avatar
    SOCKS Expired 1x Socks avatar
    YVONNIE Expired 1x Yvonnie avatar
    DT2021 Unknown 50k , 100k , 1x Raging Fire Whelp Frame, 1x Raging Fire Whelp Avatar, 1x Golden Raging Fire
    DRAGONTAMER Unknown 50k , 1x , 1x

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