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    Psychic Habitat background.jpg

    Psychic.png Psychic is one of 11 dragon elements. It was introduced in the v.1.0.10 update.

    Psychic symbolises a mental, unnatural power bordering with magic (skills like Telekinesis and Mental Barrier). Skills of this element can have various effects, ranging from self buffs (Yoga Pose) to reducing Crit DMG of the enemy (Psyshock).
    Psychic dragons don't have much in common. They mostly focus on the secondary element in their design, sometimes adding an accent of pink or purple.

    Psychic Primary dragon is Fluffy.

    Below table shows which attacks are strong or weak against Psychic dragons:

    Strong (+20% DMG) Neutral Weak (-20% DMG)
    Nature Fire Water Electric Earth Metal Psychic Chaos Void Dark Light

    Other Elements:

    Dragons with Psychic Element[edit source]

    Fluffy index.png
    Deadwood index.png
    Lavagon index.png
    Mercury index.png
    Thundeer index.png
    Gotha index.png
    Qantas index.png
    Cactus index.png
    Hazy Flame index.png
    Coral index.png
    Raiju index.png
    Wolf index.png
    Kitten index.png
    Valravn index.png
    Oogway index.png
    Joker index.png
    Storm index.png
    Flash index.png
    Keydorah index.png
    Triceratops index.png
    Amethyst index.png
    Jackalope index.png
    Batwing index.png
    Icetop index.png
    Mangorine index.png
    Themis index.png
    Dark Qilin index.png
    Nymph index.png
    Prophet index.png
    Starry index.png
    Selene index.png
    Mao index.png
    Emmanuel index.png
    Fox index.png
    Ya Zi index.png
    Mayfly index.png
    Sirius index.png

    Psychic Skills[edit source]

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