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    Skills are abilities that dragons can use in combat. Every dragon can use 3 different skills determined by its species.
    Each dragon starts with 1 basic attack, and learns new ones at levels 4 and 10.

    Skills can have different effects. Different aspects of skills are listed below:

    Element[edit source]

    Each skill belongs to 1 element, determining its effectiveness against dragons.

    Skills of each element:[edit source]

    (click on the link to go to the list)

    Target[edit source]

    Skills can target one or multiple enemies, or allies.

    Skills by target:[edit source]

    Effect[edit source]

    Skills can do different things, like dealing damage, healing, or spreading debuffs.

    Skills by main effect:[edit source]

    All Skills[edit source]

    There are currently 222 different Skills in the game:

    Nature.png Razor Leaves
    Nature.png Quick-Step
    Nature.png Nature's Aid
    Fire.png Claws of Fire
    Fire.png Flame Charge
    Fire.png Dragonbreath
    Water.png Water Orb Attack
    Water.png Direwolf Strike
    Water.png Water Grenade
    Electric.png Claws of Thunder
    Electric.png Lightning Attack
    Electric.png Thunderclap
    Earth.png Power Claw
    Earth.png Pendulum Smash
    Earth.png Earth's Protection
    Metal.png Metal Claw
    Metal.png Titanium Walls
    Metal.png Knightly Strategy
    Psychic.png Psyshock
    Psychic.png High Speed Impact
    Psychic.png Mind Shock
    Fire.png Ball of Fire
    Nature.png Forest Wrath
    Water.png Ice Shard
    Nature.png Tornado Attack
    Water.png Blizzard
    Nature.png Flying Leaves
    Electric.png Star Seeker
    Nature.png Petal Orb
    Earth.png Rash
    Nature.png Seed of Wrath
    Nature.png Toxicity
    Water.png Cold Stream
    Fire.png Murderous Intent
    Fire.png Fire Fury
    Earth.png Nature's Rise
    Metal.png Power Attack
    Electric.png Flowing Current
    Water.png Water Dash
    Metal.png Steel Shell
    Metal.png Steel Rain
    Earth.png Earthquake
    Nature.png Moving Spores
    Psychic.png Requiem
    Fire.png Flaming Wheel
    Metal.png Defender
    Psychic.png Horrific Vision
    Electric.png Thunder
    Electric.png Thunderbolt
    Psychic.png Telekinesis
    Psychic.png Mind Twist
    Fire.png Explosive Strike
    Water.png Purification
    Nature.png Hurricane
    Electric.png Thunder Ball
    Nature.png Polychop
    Metal.png Silver Slice
    Water.png Crypto Freeze
    Fire.png Scorching Tornado
    Earth.png Dust Attack
    Fire.png Meteor Shower
    Metal.png Laser Beam
    Electric.png Shattering Thundercrash
    Earth.png Abyssal Fang
    Water.png Spring Rain
    Earth.png Sandy Purgatory
    Metal.png Radiant Charge
    Earth.png Fast Step
    Electric.png Lightning Orb
    Water.png Ice Barrier
    Psychic.png Instant Amnesia
    Water.png Rainfall
    Psychic.png Yoga Pose
    Earth.png Sandbone Claws
    Water.png Rhythm of Water
    Nature.png Life's Blessing
    Nature.png Corrosion
    Metal.png Heavy Smash
    Metal.png Sword Soul
    Electric.png Ultra Quick-Step
    Metal.png Hard Shield
    Fire.png Firewall
    Water.png Water Spout
    Water.png Toxic Blast
    Earth.png Sandstorm
    Water.png Tail Whip
    Water.png Water Prison
    Metal.png Star Beacon
    Earth.png Wheel War
    Fire.png Intimidate
    Psychic.png Phantom Light
    Psychic.png Mental Barrier
    Fire.png Pumpkin Fireball
    Fire.png Smokescreen
    Psychic.png Mental Fluctuation
    Psychic.png High Frequency Vibration
    Psychic.png Mental Torment
    Psychic.png Hyperactivity
    Nature.png Xmas Strike
    Water.png Tsunami
    Nature.png Downwind Attack
    Light.png Timewalker
    Dark.png Feather Arrow
    Dark.png Stellar Protection
    Light.png Flash Bomb
    Dark.png Stealth Attack
    Light.png Divine Impact
    Light.png Sacred Wings
    Dark.png Piercing Heart
    Dark.png Red Death
    Light.png Winged Smash
    Light.png Meteor Strike
    Electric.png Thunder Rolls
    Dark.png Vanishing Shadow
    Dark.png Galactic Shout
    Light.png Destruction Beam
    Light.png Eternal Bomb
    Dark.png Bloodthorn
    Dark.png Moonlight
    Earth.png Earth Wall
    Light.png Holy Light
    Light.png Purity
    Metal.png Overload
    Dark.png Rising Strike
    Dark.png Shadow Orb
    Dark.png Toxic Cloud
    Light.png Falling Light
    Light.png Sacrifice
    Dark.png Megatooth
    Nature.png Furious Wind
    Light.png Lay on Hands
    Dark.png Dark Abyss
    Psychic.png Mental Ray
    Light.png Shining Sun
    Fire.png Wildfire
    Dark.png Black Eyes
    Light.png Silver Cyclone
    Dark.png Cross Slash
    Dark.png Black Hole
    Psychic.png Psyche Overload
    Light.png Sacred Sentence
    Light.png Solar Fist
    Light.png Heart of the Sun
    Water.png Black Surge
    Psychic.png Spirit Shield
    Dark.png Reaper's Scythe
    Dark.png Soul Sacrifice
    Dark.png Venom Bomb
    Light.png Blessing
    Earth.png Rock Sting
    Dark.png Spread of Fear
    Chaos.png Chaotic Strike
    Chaos.png Fallen Angel
    Water.png Torrent
    Water.png Ocean Trident
    Dark.png Primeval Dash
    Electric.png Bolt Lightning
    Psychic.png Magic Wish
    Psychic.png Hidden Help
    Fire.png Scorched Earth
    Nature.png Leaf Whirlwind
    Chaos.png Mimic
    Electric.png Electro-Shield
    Light.png Reflect
    Dark.png Swift Strike
    Nature.png Vile Plant
    Nature.png Parasite Attack
    Nature.png Prosperity
    Metal.png Rune Tablet
    Light.png Phoenix Feather
    Fire.png Power of Nirvana
    Earth.png Shelter
    Dark.png Tail Thrash
    Chaos.png Cosmic Evil
    Chaos.png Cosmic Justice
    Dark.png Gloomy Asylum
    Dark.png Slash
    Light.png Screech
    Nature.png Energy Ball
    Nature.png Herb Bomb
    Water.png Whirlpool
    Electric.png Thor's Lightning
    Chaos.png Breath of Hell
    Chaos.png Devil Dash
    Water.png Ice Shelter
    Water.png Biting Wind
    Metal.png Silver Spikes
    Chaos.png Florescent Light
    Earth.png Crystallization
    Metal.png Iron Spikes
    Dark.png Dark Mark
    Light.png Shield of the Protector
    Psychic.png Fox Beam
    Chaos.png Sword Stab
    Water.png Bubble Beam
    Fire.png Self-Destruct
    Water.png Ice Assault
    Dark.png Doomsday
    Electric.png Electric Net
    Light.png Mirror Light
    Nature.png Blade Storm
    Electric.png Recharge
    Electric.png Outcry
    Earth.png Dark Crystal
    Psychic.png Holy Guard
    Electric.png Electric Shelter
    Electric.png Thunderstorm
    Void.png Void Crush
    Void.png Coordinated Hunting
    Void.png Void Consumption
    Dark.png Shadow Burst
    Psychic.png Sweet Scent
    Metal.png Dexterousness
    Metal.png Majesty
    Light.png Explosive Round
    Void.png Scam Trick
    Void.png Void Creation
    Nature.png Neurotoxin
    Dark.png Mad Potion
    Dark.png Iron Blooded Edge
    Fire.png Hot Blooded Edge
    Dark.png Cold Blooded Edge

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